Final Reflections

By Maxx Raths

After a long final day of hugs, laugher and prayer we began our long 30-hour trek home. There is a deafening silence as we sit in the airport at Kigali, each of us reflecting on what we just experienced and the new family we just met. Never has 10 days been so elusive, it feels like only a few days ago we first arrived in Kigali and stepped into the dry heat of night greeted by Serge and Callixte. After saying goodbye to Serge and Callixte outside the airport, we flocked to the free WiFi signal like moths to the flame. After being away from social media for 10 days it was a strange feeling to be “re-connected” to the online world. It felt like we had been gone for ages and came back to a world that kept on spinning even while we weren’t watching. After a few hours waiting in Kigali we boarded our first plane and shot straight up to Brussels.

Our layover in Brussels felt very quick, before we knew it we were departing from Belgium and we’re flying over the Atlantic to Washington D.C. Throughout our trip home Charlie has been walking us through a re-entry process for our missions team. It’s helpful to know that the emotions and thoughts that we are having are not unique to us and we will feel different as a result of our experience.

Once in Washington D.C. Carly shared a devotion on what it means to value something and taught us from the scripture Acts 20:24. She prayed over our group that we would place a greater value on the things that God values and that we would communicate and bond through this as a team. Boarding the plane to Minneapolis now.

Thank you for supporting and following our team on this trip. Your support through prayer and financial contributions has made an eternal impact not only on the people of Rwanda but also on our team. And now we are officially signing off…