Finding Childlike Faith

Muraho friends and family! Kelly and Celiena are here to tell you about what we’ve been doing down here!

Thus far, both of us have had such an amazing experience encouraging and being in community with the people of Rwanda. Our partners here in Rwanda from Faith Victory Association brought us into the community these past few days. We have given each family rice, beans, sugar, flour, oil, and soap to sustain them for awhile in hopes that the potential meals will be a blessing to all. While at the homes, the residents are able to share their stories and testimonies with us, some of which are very heartbreaking but have really opened our eyes. We love to sing and dance with them, seeing and expressing all the joy of the Lord. We have both been so amazed by the Lord’s faithfulness in providing joy despite their circumstances and their perseverance of the Cross. In closing of each home visit, we ask them what they need prayer for and are able to pray over for their specific needs. It is a blessing to enter into their homes and be a part of answered prayers.

Throughout the week, we have also been able to connect with abana (children). When we are with them, we sing, dance, play games, do crafts, and encourage them to grow in their faith. One of the most precious things we are able to do with them is truly just spend time with them and love on them. Being with them has reminded us that we need to have a childlike faith and be in awe of Him no matter what may come.

Some of our highlights of the trip so far are:
– Calixte (our driver) honks approximately 40 times every car ride.
– Kim has learned a lot of teen slang.
– There were carrots in the rice instead of in the peas.
– Maddy fit fourteen lifesaver mints in her mouth
– Kim has taught us all how to Salsa dance.
– One day, we had gelato for lunch and Oreos for dinner (just kidding, we did order food much later that night.)

As we come to a close, we ask for your continued prayers. We are expecting a busy schedule but are looking forward to seeing all that the Lord does while we are here. Some of our specific prayer needs are; Jessi has something or other, prayers for healing and peace; For God to provide continued protection over all the families FVA serves; A very special family that is in the midst of illness.

Thank you for all the support you continue to give us! We love you all very much.



– Kelly and Celiena