A Day of Prayer and Worship

By Jessi Moore

Everyone except for me was up by 8am. They had to wake me at 9 because we had a church service at 10. Everyone was up and got ready and had breakfast. For breakfast we had fruit, bread, butter, eggs coffee, and tea. After finishing our wonderful meal, Immaculee (one of our local partners) came and picked us up to come to church with her. When we got to church they actually got us translators to sit right by us to translate the sermon which was very helpful. The sermon was on having one God and serving him faithfully as he will stay by you through it all. After the service was over we went back to the guest house to have lunch and have relaxing time before the events later in the night. After having another great meal everyone but me went out to get water for the team while I stayed back to work on the devotion for the night. When they got back we had a devotion and just had a good talk about random things. The car then honked and we were heading to Tierry’s house to have a family fellowship night with many others. We had a great worship and prayer time and had a wonderful meal at the end. We took many pictures after the meal and then sat and talked a lot longer with many Rwandan friends. After we finished talking we went back to the guest house to find a second supper was prepared for us. After our midnight meal, most of us went right to bed excited for what God has in store for tomorrow.