True Joy

By Becca Brubaker

Hello from Rwanda!

I’m currently sitting in the offices at the Faith Village site. Our time in Rwanda has been amazing! The country is so beautiful and the people are warm and loving and make us feel very welcome. On Sunday we were able to go to church with Sandrali and Immaculee. It has been really cool to meet their family. The church service was awesome! I really enjoyed their worship time and the joy and energy they had while praising God.

Kids at Faith Village

On Monday we started working at the Faith Village site, playing with the children and touring the site. It has been really fun hanging out with the kids. They love hugs and bubbles and singing songs. We’ve gotten to teach them some English words, like animals and parts of the body, as well as learn Kinyarwanda words from them. They are teaching me what true joy looks like.

Prayer AltarOn Tuesday, we got to meet with a women’s prayer group and a village finance and loan group that meets on the FVA site. Both groups were really cool and fun to be a part of and we even got to dance and sing with them. Tuesday night, Sandrali invited us to be a part of a prayer group at their prayer altar. We met a lot of people there and it was an awesome time of prayer and worship. Sandrali taught us a worship song in Kinyarwanda that is really pretty and we hope to bring it back to share with you at City Hill!

At the guest house where we are staying we have a house mom named Kaitezi who is really sweet and has taken good care of us. She cooks delicious food for us. Some of my favorite foods that I’ve eaten here are passion fruit and the sauce and rice. It has been a little difficult sometimes to communicate with her since we don’t know the Full carlanguage, but she has taught us words and is really patient. One night we got to play soccer with her out on the driveway. We’ve also enjoyed getting to know the FVA staff. We eat lunch with them in their conference room and it’s fun to talk and laugh together.

Sisters and SoccerOur team has grown really close, and we’ve had great devotions and worship times. God has been teaching me about His provision and care for me; He has been reminding me that I don’t need to worry about anything because He is watching over me and has everything in control. I am so happy and thankful to be here in Rwanda and I thank you for your prayers and support for us.

God Bless you!
Becca Brubaker