Simple Joys

Kelly with children at “Faith Village” construction site. The site is a partnership of New Mercies and Faith Victory Association (Rwanda) and will soon be a community of homes for orphaned and abandoned children.

By Kelly
Gustavus Adolphus College Trip Participant

The past two days our team has been working in several Kigali orphanages. Pefa is a small orphanage in the country and Gisimba is a larger orphanage towards the center of the city. During my time there I had mashed beans spread on my pants, snot wiped on my shirt, and sticky, sucked on fingers wound through my hair. Yet each of these moments is special. I feel so blessed to share joy with these children. Their laughter and giggles over the simplest things brings me great joy. Through this trip I am again reminded of the intricacies that God has created in the world, and I praise Him for this. I see joy in faces when I stumble over my Kinyrwandan words, yet the people are happy that I simple try. One of the Mamas I helped at Pefa looked so much more rested when I took over scrubbing the bathrooms. Safari, a manager at the guest house beamed when we ate all the food they had prepared for us. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve here, I am very blessed. I challenge each of you reading to notice the details of this life and to take joy! In the morning I sit and take in the sounds of the birds, the traffic, and the beat-up radio playing opera.