Children’s Homes


Our signature project in Rwanda, Africa is the Faith Village community of homes for vulnerable abused girls. We aim to express God’s heart of love to these girls by providing transformative care in safe, family-style homes, and facilitating successful reintegration into supportive communities.

The first four homes are completed and each will have a unique and specific focus aligned with the project’s broader vision. All homes will serve young female victims of abuse in varied categories: girls under 10 years, girls between 10 and 16 years, girls who are pregnant or have infants as a result of sexual abuse, and vulnerable girls with special needs.

Nurses, counselors, teachers and other trained professionals will provide specialized care to help children heal and grow in their sense of worth as God’s image bearers. An intended by-product of this care will be the preparation of these children to reintegrate into the community as empowered leaders.


More than twenty-five years after Rwanda’s genocide, peace and prosperity is experienced by some. However, a large segment of the population remains poor and at increased risk of exploitation and abuse. The Rwandan government has shared that there is an acute need for safe homes for children who are victims of sex trafficking, rape or other abuse. These children are without safe housing and restorative care. Related policies and infrastructure aimed at child protection require more development. We are grateful for the opportunity God has given us, through Rwanda’s government, to help provide safe homes, transformative care and to potentially impact policy development for the girls who need it most:

78% of rape victims are under 18
34% of rape victims are under 10