Nyarugenge Prison

By Jessi Moore

Today was day filled with God and new friends. The first thing we did of course was have a fabulous breakfast just like every morning. After the delicious breakfast we found out that we couldn’t leave at the time we had thought we could leave. To kill time Jessi attempted to make balloon animals while Aaron fixed the mess of a balloon animal Jessi ruined. We learned today that Aaron is very good at making balloon animals. We got the call saying we could leave to go to the prison. We got in our cars and we were off!! But you cannot forget a fabulous lunch that we pre ordered so it would be ready when we get back. We finally get to the prison and find out that we cannot be there at that time and that we would have to come back later. That definitely showed that you have to be flexible because just like today things may not happen even if you are already there. You just have to put your trust in God and know that it’s for a reason. We decided that one group would go get a special battery for a PA system Randy is gifting to our Rwandan partners while the other group would wait at the restaurant. After going to three stores we finally found a useable battery, and went to go to the restaurant, which was called Fame. We got there around an hour before our food was ready so what a better thing to do then exchange our money. Jessi, Aaron, Karen, Nicole, Josh, and Randy stayed behind…at first. Nicole, Josh, Jessi and Randy went to go exchange money. When they got there, they exchanged the money then doubled checked to make sure they had the right amount. Then we went shopping for a little bit. All of us who had left met up at the market and headed back to the restaurant to reunite with Aaron and Karen.

IMG_5458We got back very fast since the place was super close. Our food came soon after that. We thank The Lord for our meal since he helps provide our food every day. After our amazing meal we left to go to Nyarugenge Prison with Prison Fellowship Rwanda. When we got there we got led to a room to talk to the leader about what we would do during the visit. We went into the church service they have every Wednesday. We got to sit in the front and you could feel the Holy Spirit in the room. We expected to be speaking to a small group of women and children but it ended up being a huge crowd of at least 600 people packed into the room and flowing outside. Aaron, Randy, and Karen gave such inspiring testimonies that could bring tears to your eyes. They stepped out of their comfort zone and you knew they had God with them. We even had 13 people to come up and be prayed on and get saved. Which was so inspiring to see people’s lives changed. After we sang some songs we prayed and praised the lord. We walked out and got to say goodbye to all the people and even some of the kids. We then went back to the office and they gave us something to drink and relax for a little bit. Then we got to present the women in the prison and their children with donations of food and soap that we were able to purchase. It was so amazing to be around the kids and see their smiling faces. They made me happy to see how happy they are. It warmed my heart up so much. Katie and Jessi danced with them for a song. After having a Jesus filled experience we headed home, hearing an amazing fiction story from Katie that lasted more than an hour. After a little rest we have another fabulous dinner as always. Planned for tomorrow and had another peaceful rest thanks to God.