By Bruce Warkentien

What a beautiful Saturday God blessed us with as we visited Akagera National Park. Up before the birds at 3:30 am (ouch) and out the door by 4:30 for a 3 hour ride to the park where we registered and were assigned a guide. Bosco turned out to be a tremendous guide. Bosco told us we may see some elephants but we may not. Less than 10 minutes into the park we spied a group of 5 African Elephants and just a little later saw 6 more less than a hundred yards from our vehicle. What an amazing animal God created. African Elephants have the largest ears of any animal and their ears mirror the shape of the African continent.

That was just the beginning of an incredible day. We spent 7 hours (on very rough roads) touring this huge park that borders Tanzania and makes you realize the stunning work of our great Creator. We proceeded to observe in their natural habitat (to name a few): Impalas, zebras, water buffalo, velvet monkeys, baboons, water bucks, topi, hippos, warthogs and the majestic giraffes (our guide told us the baby giraffe we saw was only 2 days old). The only thing left to say is: Thank you God for a tremendous experience enjoying your great creation.