Destination: Rwanda

By Anna
Gustavus Trip Participant

Well Hello!

The past week or so has been a wonderful break from the whirlwind of school and finals that was the week before. For me, the week to come will include a conference in Kansas City themed “Jesus: Our Magnificent Obsession” and the week after that, I’ll be in Rwanda! What a crazy month.

It’s been really wonderful starting to pack and realizing that this trip is a reality and is coming up quite quickly. I currently have a small pile of toiletries and clothes in my room, waiting to be sorted through and stuffed into a suitcase that will be my closet for 3 ½ weeks. I am so looking forward to the change of scenery that Rwanda will bring, but much more than that, I am excited to see the change God will be doing in my heart, in the hearts of my teammates and in the hearts of those we serve. I’ve been out of the country a few times before on missions trips, and every time God does a surprising work in my life. He is so faithful to meet me where I’m at and to grow me in ways I didn’t know I needed to grow!

Before I go much further, let me introduce you to our team:

Back row: me (Anna), Amanda, Emily
Front row: Alexa, Caitlin, Kelly
Not pictured: Karen, our team leader

I am getting so excited to spend almost four solid weeks with these amazing women, to learn from them and laugh with them, and to practice good decision-making skills when we aren’t laughing together. God has already done a lot in my heart to prepare me for this trip, and I know He will continue to move mightily in and through me and our team.

With my bottles of sunscreen (I will return with freckles and probably a sunburn) and DEET (I will hopefully not return with malaria) in my suitcase, I am beginning to feel ready, or as ready as I can be knowing the key to missions is grace and flexibility.

Rwanda, here we come!