An Added Note for the Weary Soul

By Emily
Gustavus Trip Participant

These days….
My clothes are running out
My energy is on low
My emotions are running wild
Cockroaches have found favour in our room
I am peed on daily
I don’t understand a word anyone says
But they still talk to me because they think that I am Rwandan
I sweat through 2 shirts in 1 church service
My shoes barely have any sole left
The lady keeps bringing me more food even though I am not hungry
Orphans beg me for money
Our electricity is scarce
And so is our hot water
And so is our water in general
When I go to bed at night, my body goes numb from the abuse it gets all day

All of these things may sound terrible to you, but for me personally I would never want to change any moment of it because…

Everyone here smells the same as I
God somehow gives me the strength to move on with my day
Eh, a few tears shed never killed someone
Cockroaches… well , a flip-flop and a bit of force works every time
I would get peed on all day if that meant that I could make a child happy and show them love
Actions speak louder than words
I like fitting in here
Church was rockin’, and as an entire church, I’m sure that we could have made Rwanda’s first great lake
Shoes come and go
Eh, even though my fruit stomach is full, I guess that my omelet one is not
Love is better than money
Candle lit dinners with the family is better than any 5 star restaurant
Cold showers are great for morning wake-ups
The Lord provides
My body may be tired but the Spirit within me is renewed every day.

We get to see miracles every day that we are here. This makes me wonder, “Do they happen this often when I am in the States?” Yes. You may not spend days with the orphaned or homeless or are building a house brick by brick, but God is so much bigger and more creative. Keep your eyes open and He will be more than happy to reveal His greatness to you.

While on your journey, check out Psalm 91 for extra encouragement.

Be blessed.