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Children’s Christmas Celebration

The rest of the festivities included choreographed dances, a skit on obeying your parents, and open mic worship, all of which was put on by the kids themselves…Read on…

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Final Reflections

After saying goodbye to Serge and Callixte outside the airport, we flocked to the free WiFi signal like moths to the flame. After being away from social media for 10 days…Read on…

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Dying to Live

The Pastor lifted up the grain head of a fully mature sorghum plant and quoted Jesus from John 12:24-25…Read on…

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Life Together

They enjoyed braiding our hair. My rose shoulder tattoo entertained them as well. They were so full of joy and love for us. Even though we couldn’t really fully communicate…Read on…

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Beware the Black Mamba!

Today was SAFARI Day!! We got to go see exotic African animals at Akagera National Park. It was around a 2 and a half hour drive up there to the park. When we arrived at the park we had a guide with the name of Anaklet, he was a cool guy. He gave us a briefing on the national park and the animals they kept there. And he also told us to watch out for the Black Mamba snakes…Read on…

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Connecting and Bonding

After a few hours of work, Luke and Maxx complained that their arms were tired and started ‘accidentally’ missing our buckets and splashing concrete mix on our arms…Read on…

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Tired Body, Grateful Heart

Wowza! That was very hard work! Fetching water was definitely the hardest part. The path was VERY unsteady, washed out, and was covered with gullies…Read on…

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Finding our Rhythm

Today we returned to Faith Village for the second day in a row and the team did a great job getting into ministry mode. We got to join in with a women’s prayer group that gathers every Tuesday. We met Eric’s mom (family we helped buy the house for) and others. We were SO blessed by them sharing their…Read on…

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The Lord is Near

…20 minutes before this I watched a video of a man sharing his story of loss. He witnessed his mother and little sister as they were hacked by machetes before he escaped with his own life. A woman shared a fond memory of her family being around the table laughing and enjoying each other, only later to be destroyed at the hands of their long time neighbors and friends that they trusted. She no longer trusts anyone…Read on…

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Excited to Serve

…excitement without worry. Excitement for what God will do. Excitement for what we’ll experience. Excitement for loving on and serving people. Excitement for how this will change our lives. We’re praying for a lasting impact for us and the Rwandans…Read on…

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