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It’s Going to be a Really Good Day!

I don’t remember who said it first on Tuesday, if I said it or another team member told me it was going to be a really good day. Nevertheless…Read on to find out just how good my day was…

January 30, 2015  /  Comments Off

Umutima wanjye uruzuye (My Heart is Full)

Umutima wanjye uruzuye (My heart is full). I hope you have experienced this feeling – this incredible, overflowing, my-heart-might-just-burst…Read On…

January 26, 2015  /  Comments Off

On Safari?

We had an early morning start, we left at 4 am for Akagara park to view the animals. I guess you have to be hunting to be on a safari and we didn’t do any hunting. 3 ½ hours each way in the van gave us…Read On…

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