By Maddy Bradley


Today was a wonderful celebration day! We started early this morning in preparation, waking up at 6:30am. We arrived at the FVA office for a morning devotional at 8:00; Mary shared with our team and the FVA staff about the many names of God. The opportunity to seek God together with the staff was a unifying opportunity which I appreciated greatly. There’s nothing like worshipping alongside your brothers and sisters in Christ! After devotions, the celebration began.

The children’s Christmas celebration at the FVA site was today! We had a packed program, at the heart of which was Karen’s message that she shared to the group of roughly 200 children and parents. She shared about seeking God. If we ask God, he will give us greatness of strength! But this is not necessarily to be great at everything, He will make us great at what he calls us to do. To give a visual aid, she had me race Eric, a kind (and fast) boy who is sponsored here. I did not win. But just because I wasn’t able to run as fast as Eric didn’t mean I wasn’t great! My calling is elsewhere, and that is good!

The rest of the festivities included choreographed dances, a skit on obeying your parents, and open mic worship, all of which was put on by the kids themselves. To be with the children, dancing with them, praying with them, and seeing their eagerness to follow God brought our team so much joy.

As I write in the FVA office, the rest of the team is making use of our time by praying over some of the small groups that meet here. I appreciate so much how we are able to spend time sustaining our valuable relationships here. Simply the time together with our Rwandan partners is so significant.

Thank you so much for your prayers while we are here. Continue to intercede for us that God will keep us on our toes, and that our ears will be tuned to the Holy Spirit.

Murakoze! (Thank you!)