Radiant Victors

My life has been immeasurably enriched, by a week spent with extraordinarily humble people in the heart of Africa. Rwandans have suffered more than most, as the specter of the genocide 18 years ago still haunts the land. Every story we heard is divided into “before” and “after” the genocide. The people we met at Restoration Church and Faith Victory Association (FVA) are very tender-hearted, they have responded to their hardships with amazing grace. If gratefulness is a sign of humility, then…Read On…

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God With Us

Great is his faithfulness! An amazing day in Rwanda where God inhabits hearts, prayers and praise! Cynthia and Jan were equipped to teach and counsel hurting people in Rwanda. Cynthia taught on parenting and Jan on the Immanuel approach, or “God with us.” I went into the country on very bumpy roads to visit my…Read On…

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New Faith Victory Association office at the Rusororo site.

Rwanda: A Second Home

Walking to the tarmac on Thursday evening after about 24 hours of travel, I took a deep breath and while smiling I thought about how good it is to be back in Rwanda!…Read On…

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