A Monday

Second Monday of Spring semester. It’s snowing, and for some reason I think that’s significant. Mondays are going to be pretty easy for me this semester (sorry to those of you who actually have normal schedules), but this morning was rather…stressful. For my Ethics of Development class today, we read an article on US aid…Read On…

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Home Again Home Again

Jetlag has hopefully worn off for everyone and we’re now hopefully returning to a normal life. Wait, normal? Normal… nope, no such thing anymore, the new normal is abnormal…Read On…

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Your Will Be Done

God always continues to exceed all of my expectations and my own plans. He forever keeps me on my toes and relying on Him for guidance and support. Monday, the whole team went to Pefa to do a deep cleaning. I thought I would spend my day washing clothes or possibly breaking out windows. However, God had other plans. From the start God had his way. I was left to take the second vehicle to Pefa which gave our group time to pray about the day. We prayed that God’s will…Read On…

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An Added Note for the Weary Soul

These days….
My clothes are running out
My energy is on low
My emotions are running wild
Cockroaches have found favour in our room
I am peed on daily
…Read On…

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PEFA Unite!

On Monday, our entire team (both Gustavus and City Hill) spent the entire day at the PEFA orphanage. Basically, it was awesome! We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned until every corner was spotless… well maybe not spotless, but as close as you can get in Rwanda. When we got there some of us washed children and clothes while others played with the children. It was so great to…Read On…

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I worked with bed bugs today.

The title might freak some of you out, considering I already had an experience with bed bugs a few months ago. But before you get too distracted, take a deep breath and…Read On…

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Lasting Change

I bathe two year old Rumgero. He takes it upon himself to scoop water on his head and scrub with a bar of soap. I hold him as he air dries and proceed to cover him in Vaseline. I dress him. He clings to me, one hand in his mouth, the other twisted in my hair…Read On…

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Architecture 101 — Back To School?

I spent most of the day with my butt in a chair, either at the guest house or the FVA office, but after a full 9-hour work day (with an hour for lunch, of course–let’s be real)…Read On…

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Our African “Mamas,” Forever They Will Be

I walked through the gate at PEFA with Nicolas clinging to my side, Chance extending her hand, and Boyi whipping out some playing cards with the biggest white smile. I was filled with so much excitement to love on the children and so many ideas to help improve their lives. I was unaware of my role in serving the mothers of the orphanage and how much joy I would receive through doing so… Read On…

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Mwaramutse inshuti!

I am currently writing from the Faith Victory Association office a few minutes from our home here in Rwanda. My project here has been to develop a structure and protocol for FVA’s developing child sponsorship program. I spent a semester last year researching child sponsorship in conjunction with New Mercies Ministries, so it has been a blast for me to be able to put more of that knowledge to use. Thus far Karen and I have focused on creating guidelines for communication…Read On…

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